mardi 9 décembre 2014

African flower slippers by Lucie - - - English version by Elizabeth Lowe

Well, ma’am, I  make slippers. I am a slipper-maker. So long math, economy and computing (Hmm, I don’t think so. I have to put bread on the table)
African flowers are so pretty! How about on a slipper?
Here is my most recent model: The African flower slipper.
1-    Crochet the sole ---see pattern here
2-    Crochet African flowers ---see pattern here (4 rows only)
3-    Pick up stitches on the sole. Start before the end of the heel.
Row 1: 12 half double crochets (at the back of the heel) until you have only 12 stitches left before you reach the center), then 24 half double crochets (or double crochets if you want your flowers to be higher)
Row 2: in sc until you have only 16 stitches left before you reach the center Set the flower on the slipper  and sew it on.Do the rest of the row in sc.
Row 3: Keep crocheting in sc all around and go back and forth to crochet the back. Do a slst to secure the flower in place. Turn.
Crochet as many rows as you wish (6, 7,8….)
Row before last: All in sc, even on the flower. You can crochet this row before the last one if you wish.
Last row: crabstitch, one stitch out of two.
Happy crocheting!